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Avoid hassle & stress

Moving to a new home is stressful in itself. moving to a new home in another country can be daunting.

Sebo Relocation will help you avoid the pitfalls by looking closely at the following:

  • Looking at the right area in relation to the workplace.
  • Looking at the costs of living in Monaco and the surrounding areas.
  • Looking at individual budgets.
  • Looking at the differences in lease and rental terms in Monaco and the surrounding areas.
  • Looking at tenant rights and legalitiess

How are we different from Lettings Agencies?

Sebo Relocation work for you whereas Agencies work for the landlord.

So what will we do for you

  • Give you personal attention with a dedicated member of our team.
  • Listen to your exact expectations and finding as much choice of property that is available for you to view.
  • Arrange multiple viewings in one day to save time.
  • Point out the amenities surrounding various properties of interest.
  • Negotiate all lease terms and rentals on your behalf.
  • Offer you the benefit of our vast knowledge of the area to give you the best possible start for your new life.
  • Negotiate a moving in day.